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From Monk to Money Manager: A Financial Guide to Happiness (Video)

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One thing that 20 years in a monastery has taught Doug Lynam, it's that investing with a conscious pays off. 

The Director of Educator Retirement at LongView Asset Management spoke with TheStreet about his journey from being the son of wealthy parents, to the military, to becoming a Benedictine monk for 20 years before deciding that his life calling was actually in financial advising. 

Lynam figured he would help people plan for retirement after realizing that the monks in his monastery were in dire financial straits. 

"In the monastery, a lot lot of our guests who would come with spiritual problems, actually when you got behind them, they were actually financial problems that were causing it and they would ask me to pray for them, which I did, but I'd also insist that we make a budget, right, because God's not going to work a miracle to solve a problem that you have the power to fix," Lynam said. "And I learned that had talent for it and I'm just taking what I learned in the monastery out into the world."

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Lynam's time in the church taught him about what he calls the holy trinity of finance. Earning money is obviously important, but just as important is saving and investing that money. 

Doug's book, From Monk to Money Manager went on sale in April.

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