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What Does Trump Really Think of Trudeau? Kevin O’Leary Weighs In

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A recent incident involving Canada and America’s leaders has lead to some backlash against both sides, and it is clear that the American leadership does not take Canada’s Prime Minister very seriously, said Kevin O’Leary, star of Shark Tank and chairman of O’Shares ETFs.

President Donald Trump has called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “two-faced” following a video that has surfaced of what appears to be the Canadian leader alongside other world leaders mocking the U.S. President at Wednesday’s NATO summit.

In the video, taken at Buckingham Palace, Trudeau was seen with Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron, having a discussion about Trump.

“He was late because he takes a 40-minute press conference off the top,” Trudeau was heard saying.

O’Leary said that Trudeau’s lack of experience is displayed here.

“In my view, [Trudeau is] not a good manager, that’s what I’ve always had a problem with, because he doesn’t have the experience of being either a diplomat or a manager of anything, and so we as Canadian taxpayers, citizens, suffer,” he told Kitco News.

O’Leary noted that some of the policies of the current Trudeau administration slowed down growth in parts of Canada, particularly in Alberta that is dependent on the energy sector.

“We need to take a spatula to Ottawa and scrape Trudeau and all of them out of there and start new,” he said.

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