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Donald Trump Is the Most Popular Celebrity During Coronavirus Lockdown

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It's not an exaggeration to say that people are looking for content about the coronavirus more than anything else right now. According to Click Intelligence - a U.S. digital marketing agency - "coronavirus" was searched more than 6 billion times on Google in March.

As the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic shifts to the U.S., President Donald Trump has constantly been in the spotlight. 

According to the agency, which analyzed publicly available data including social media followings, Google search results and Google clicks, Trump is the most popular celebrity during the coronavirus lockdown. 

He was also the most searched public figure on Google in March with about 1 billion search results, followed by Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group  (BABA) , singer Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Boris Johnson.

‘Does Donald Trump have coronavirus’, ‘Donald Trump stimulus package’, and ‘Donald Trump kung flu’ were the rising search terms around him.

Trump also has a huge social media following with about 94 million combined followers on Twitter  (TWTR) and Instagram  (FB) .

“Donald Trump has always been a controversial figure, and in his current role as President of the United States it’s no wonder so many people are Googling him, but to think that he’s overtaken celebs like the Kardashians and Taylor Swift was a real surprise to us," said James Owen, co-founder of Click Intelligence.

"It seems that in these trying times, people are rightly or wrongly getting their celebrity and political ‘fix’ in one place - Donald Trump," he added.

Watch the video above to find out the top ten most popular celebrities.

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