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Donald Trump Calls U.S. Economy 'False', Blames Federal Reserve

Bayer has sweetened its offer to buy Monsanto.

Bayer has sweetened its offer to buy Monsanto ( (MON) ). The German company says it will now pay $65 billion for the U.S. seed and chemical company. Even before the latest offer, Bayer's proposal was the largest all cash takeover offer on record. Even if Monsanto agrees to this, it will still have to get through antitrust challenges. The Federal Reserve has become front and center in the U.S. presidential campaign. Republican nominee Donald Trump says the Fed has created a 'false economy' by keeping interest rates low. In fact, he told an Ohio crowd that the Fed is keeping interest rates low to prop up the stock market to help President Obama. London is now the top international destination for Americans, thanks to Brexit. Travel Leaders Group, a travel agency says it's beaten out the Caribbean this year. Britain leaving the European Union, known as Brexit, sent the British pound down making travel there cheaper for Americans.

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