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Tech is hard, because just like we try not to look at the bases of the ones we're down on, we have certainly low bases on Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet, but we have no desire to sell them. All have tremendous earnings power, it's just that with tech, they tend, with the exception of Apple, not to show it, yet people think that they're ridiculously expensive.

Remember, the only fang we own is Netflix, which Goldman just said this morning is going to reflect positively. I'm not putting on another fang name, Now I know I regret where we trimmed Facebook, Alphabet and Apple, but we wanted to get Amazon on the sheets, and we wanted it to be our biggest position and we wanted it now, and you couldn't do that by selling non-tech. All in all, a good showing. We didn't rob Peter to pay for Paul, we took profits in Fang to pay for Amazon. I don't know how long we have to put up with the naysayers at Nvidia, they're really starting to piss me off. Before, the rap was it would fall apart because of its cryptocurrency, which by the way is falling apart, its cryptocurrency chip is slowing down.

Now the wrap is that it's doing poorly because it isn't going to introduce a new gaming chip anytime soon, a Jensen Wong didn't speak at a conference, well a gaming conference. A gaming conference, admittedly, you know I can see that, but I mean, what are we? It's at 265, the high is 266, am I supposed to sweat something that's up 37% for the year? This is hilarious, given that they have the best gaming chip in the market. What's the point in making the most brilliant chip immediately obsolete from when they just introduced it? I say to the sellers, move on and find a new slant.

Life's all about tough choices and investing in technology stocks is no different, said Jim Cramer during the June Action Alerts PLUS members' call.

"Tech's tough because just like we try not to look at the bases of the ones we are down on, we have absurdly low bases on Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) , Facebook Inc. (FB) , Inc. (AMZN) , Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) ," Cramer said. "But we have no desire to sell them."

That's because all of those firms have "tremendous" earnings power and tend not to show it. But Cramer said his team had to "trim" its holdings in Facebook, Alphabet and Apple to get in on Amazon.

"We didn't Rob Peter to pay for Paul. We took profits in FANG to pay for Amazon," Cramer said.

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