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Dogecoin's First Millionaire Explains Crypto Slang for Newbies

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If you follow young investors on Reddit, Twitter  (TWTR) - Get Free Report, and YouTube, you might see them throwing around these terms like "To the Moon," "Diamond Hands," "Paper Hands" and so on. 

Ever wondered what these terms mean? Well, TheStreet sat down with Dogecoin's First millionaire Glauber Contessota to help us understand this slang. 

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There are many terms/slang young investors use while explaining their trading strategies. However, Contessota explained seven major terms people use these days.

First, he explained "HODL." The term is actually the mis-spelling of HOLD. It means "Hold On for Dear Life." It came into existence in a bitcoin forum in 2013 where a user by the name Kyuubi posted “I AM HODLING," which was in fact a typo. However, the Bitcoin community fell in love with the term "HODL" and it became slang.

Watch the video above where Contessota explains Diamond Hands, Paper Hands, FUD, FOMO, Tendies, and To The Moon.

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