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Women, Diversity, Inclusion and Investing - How It All Fits Together

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Diversity and inclusion rightly dominate the broader dialogue in 2021.

The broken glass ceiling continues to be the sharpest metaphor illustrating the still-yawning gap between the number of women vs. men that not only work in the financial services sector but give advice on how to invest.

Marianela Collado, the CEO and Senior Wealth Advisor with Tobias Financial Advisors in Plantation, Fla., knows the feeling of not only breaking that glass ceiling but continuing to rise above it – and helping other women do the same, starting with helping them achieve financial security.

Women's History Month " really just an opportunity to show the value that we bring to the table on so many levels," Collado tells TheStreet. "As a woman, we really have the gift to make clients feel comfortable, to make them feel heard, and to coach them through market volatility."

Watch the video above to hear more about diversity, inclusion, and women - and how women in finance continue to fly above the shattered glass ceiling with a perspective on financial markets and investing that helps all people.  

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