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Diversity Experts Weigh In on the Google Memo

TheStreet's Anders Keitz spoke with diversity experts about the Google memo controversy.

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Everyone is talking about the Google (GOOG) - Get Alphabet Inc. Class C Report engineer who was fired for that memo that suggested men were biologically better suited for tech jobs.

Tensions were already running high over allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment at some of Silicon Valley's biggest names.

So I spoke to some of the nation's leading diversity consultants.

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Jones Diversity CEO, Sharon Jones told me that the memo demonstrates explicit and unconscious bias.
The explicit bias stems from the biological claims he makes saying women are not fit to be engineers or coders at Google.
But the unconscious bias comes through his reliance on stereotypes throughout the memo.

Now Jennifer Brown, the founder of Jennifer Brown Consulting spoke to me about how harmful she felt the memo could be.
She said the biggest impact could be on people who are already having doubts about whether they belong at a company like Google and are questioning their own merits.

When word of the memo hit the internet, Google's recently installed vice president of diversity, integrity and governance Danielle Brown was quick to issue a statement saying that the memo advanced incorrect assumptions about gender, and it is not a viewpoint the company endorses or promotes.

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