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How Disney Has the Potential to Dominate the Box Office

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Can Real Money Stock of the Day Disney (DIS) - Get Walt Disney Company Report take over the box office?

Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst with Jim Cramer's Action Alerts Plus investing club, weighed in on what the portfolio is paying attention to when it comes to Disney. 

"You know, so we've talked a lot about the streaming service. We've gone into how this is going to be, you know, a revolutionary product in this space. It's going to rival Netflix combined with Hulu and ESPN+ they're going to have a three pronged attack to tackle. More of like the animated side, more of the the millennial side with Hulu and sports with ESPN," said Marks. So I'm looking forward to that. The movie slate, which Kevin touched on is great. I think you know if you can talk about that, that the way between the Fox studios that they picked up with Disney as well as what they already have."

"I mean Disney has the potential to just dominate the box office for the next couple of years and that's a very predictable revenue stream when you're trying to think about, okay, what are earnings can be like this year?" He continued. "And also I'm excited for the nostalgia factor, right? I mean this is going to be a day of the stars. They're going to bring people, love people who are going to remember the Disney brand and I think you're going to see a spike in a in park attendance and people wanting to travel back to their parks because of this, because it's going to excite people. That's what they're trying to accomplish today."

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