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Dine Corp Touts Youth as Millennials and Perennials Expected to Drive Growth

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Dine Brands (DIN) has had a rough go since it released its first quarter earnings this week, but CEO Steve Joyce is bullish on his company's future, as evidenced by the company reiterating its full year guidance, and millennials and perennials will lead the push for the company.

Dine Brands, which is the parent company of restaurant chains Applebee's and iHOP, reiterated its full year guidance in spite of its revenue miss due to its belief that two age groups will propel sales forward.

"So our average customer is under the age of 34 half of our customers are less or less of that. So we're not only big with millennials now, perennials is the next thing. So, so we're getting a lot of their business and they, and they, they do different things. They like eating in the restaurants, but they like taking food home with them as well," Joyce said.

Dine Brands was trading even Friday.

Watch the video above to hear more from Steve Joyce about why he's still bullish on his company's future.

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