Democratic Debate: Taxes Took the Center Stage

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We heard from the Democratic hopefuls Thursday night as they took the debate stage.

Kenny Polcari, managing principal at Butcher Joseph Asset Management, joined TheStreet to talk about the debate and his biggest takeaway. 

"Taxes, taxes, taxes. That was my big takeaway. How are we going to pay for all these plans that the Democrats want to launch, whether it's healthcare, whether it's social security, whether whatever, you know, Elizabeth Warren starts it with all her new taxes on the rich, on the wealthy, all that stuff," said Polcari. "So, I would be very cautious. I still think it's too early to start to build a portfolio around it because I think the field is way too big still, is at least 10 that were on last night plus the stragglers that are still hanging around. So until I would want to wait until it's condensed a little bit more and you really understand who the top three or four and what those, what their policies are really going to mean before I really start to try to build a portfolio, especially around what happened last night."

Watch the video above for Polcari's full answer. 

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