Demi Lovato National Anthem: Super Bowl 2020 Prop Bet Result

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If you bet the under on the length of this year’s National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV, cash those tickets. Singer and actress Demi Lovato performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl LIV.

For the prop bettors, Lovato took 1:49 to sing the National Anthem, according to Bovada. Vegas Sportsbooks had the line at set 1:55 heading into Sunday night.

The average length of the national anthem over the last eight Super Bowls has been one minute, 56 seconds, with Billy Joel belting out the shortest version, which clocked in at 1:30 in 2007, just before Super Bowl XLIV. Kelly Clarkson took 1:34 at Super Bowl XLVI.

Here are the artists and duration of their anthems dating back to Super Bowl XL

Super Bowl LIII-Gladys Knight 2:01

Super Bowl LII-Pink- 1:58

Super Bowl LI-Luke Bryan-2:04

Super Bowl L-Lady Gaga-2:09

Super Bowl XLIX-Idina Menzel-2:04

Super Bowl XLVIII-Renee Fleming-1:54

Super Bowl XLVII-Alicia Keys-2:35

Super Bowl XLVI-Kelly Clarkson-1:34

Super Bowl XLV-Christina Aguilera-1:54

Super Bowl XLIV-Carrie Underwood-1:47

Super Bowl XLIII-Jennifer Hudson-2:10

Super Bowl XLII-Jordin Sparks-1:54

Super Bowl XLI-Billy Joel-1:30

Super Bowl XL-Aaron Neville & Aretha Franklin-2:08

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