Davos 2018: Alibaba's Jack Ma Says 'If Trade Stops, War Starts'

The Alibaba Chairman, Jack Ma, told an audience of world leaders that trade cannot be used as a weapon. Watch the video for more of his insight.
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Alibaba's Jack Ma took center stage at The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  He told the audience of world leaders, CEO's and thought leaders that 'globalization can't stop'. He continued by saying that 'If trade stops, war starts'.  Watch the video for more.

Video Transcript:

I think globalization cannot be stopped. Nobody can stop globalization. Nobody can stop trade. And I believe, if trade stops war starts. Trade is the way to dissolve the war, not cause the wars. I think globalization did a fantastic job in the past 30 years... enrich a lot of countries. But, of course it caused a lot of problems. Young people do not have opportunities. Small business do not have opportunities.
Developing countries wouldn't neglect it. But it's only 30 years, it's a baby. You have to improve it. If you're not going to improve it then kill it, it's easy.

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