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David Robinson Built His Business on Integrity and Compassion: Sport of Money

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Sport of Money: David Robinson and Daniel Bassichis Part III

Building a business around compassion and integrity is top of mind for Admiral Capital Group’s Co-Founders David Robinson and Daniel Bassichis. Robinson, a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame, said building a strong reputation doesn’t happen overnight.

“There’s no shortcut to something like integrity. You do the right thing ever single day…that's how Dan and I have tried to build this business, over time we will convince people how sincere we are, we are people first, we want to make money for our investors, but we're going to try to do the right thing and in as many circumstances as we can and right now is a great example with COVID-19,” Robinson said. 

There are over 25 million people that lost their jobs since the start of the pandemic, many of whom are unable to pay their monthly rent. When a company is built on compassion, it’s easy to recognize people are in a time of crisis. That’s why Admiral Capital’s approach to their tenants is unique.

Instead of the traditional landlord-tenant relationship, Robinson and Bassichis look at that relationship as more of a partnership, ‘’we're all facing challenges. We have to help them get through these times and get them back on their feet so that our properties can be healthy. So it's a long-term partnership and we're being compassionate to our tenants.” Bassichis went on to say, “everyday thinking of ways to help these tenants get through these challenging times. How do we support the communities around our properties? And we've created a team that buys into our mission and that makes me incredibly proud.”

This interview is Part III of TheStreet's Sport of Money series with Bill Enright featuring David Robinson and Daniel Bassichis. 

You can watch Part I on Why Teamwork is a Recipe for Success and Part II on why Robinson found a solution for America’s School problem.

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