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From VR to Food: How Dave & Busters Is Targeting Millennials

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Dave & Busters PLAY is here to have some fun. 

Year-to-date, shares of Dave & Busters are up nearly 15%. 

2018 was the company's eighth consecutive year of record sales, and revenue grew by 11%. 

The company, which was started in Dallas, Texas back in 1982, has successfully grown itself to 110 locations. 

And Dave & Busters has been able to grow its success by drawing in millennials. 

How are they doing it?

First, they incorporated virtual reality gaming space in their arena. In 2018, they added location-based Jurassic World VR Expedition, which became an instant hit.

Second, they leaned heavily towards digital advertising as millennial consume more information on online platforms. 

Third, they added new food items to menus which are visually appealing. Well, what do millennials do when they see those food items? They post it on social media, which is a clever way of promotion for Dave & Buster's.

For more, watch the video above. 

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