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Dan Ives on Tech Outlook, Biden Presidency, Tesla and More - Watch

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Wedbush Securities’ Managing Director of Equity Research Dan Ives talks to’s Corey Goldman about the new Biden administration and its focus on clean energy and technology, and what that means for tech stocks.

Watch the full interview above, or view excerpts below:

Regardless of Earnings, Tesla has More Laps Ahead - Dan Ives: No matter what fourth-quarter earnings and sales look like, Tesla is a disruptive technology company that has much more track in front of it, says Wedbush's Dan Ives.

Biden + Spending + Clean Energy = New Era for Tech - Dan Ives: Tech has been the main beneficiary of the pandemic, but President Biden's focus on stimulus, infrastructure and clean energy mean it's still early innings.

‘We Are Not in Another 1999-Like Tech Bubble’ - Dan Ives: Seemingly over-extended valuations. Extreme volatility. Opaque business plans. While it may feel familiar, we are not in another tech bubble, says Wedbush's Ives.

Tech Stocks 'Only Half Way Through Re-Rating Process' - Dan Ives: Despite what is expected to be a 'jaw dropping' earnings season, tech stocks are only half-way through a longer-term re-rating process, says Wedbush Securities' Dan Ives.

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