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Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Bets Big on Ezekiel Elliott (and Oil)

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Yes, there's the Ezekiel Elliott news.  But, let's first talk oil.

Comstock Resources (CRK) - Get Comstock Resources, Inc. Report jumped 16% Wednesday as the company celebrated the closing of its $2.2 billion purchase of rival Covey Park by having Jerry Jones, its largest shareholder, ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

Jones, owner of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys, is bullish on the natural gas sector despite falling prices in a similar way that he was bullish on the Cowboys when he bought the team while it was still losing money.

"This industry has gotten soft, this is the time to get. Ive invested personal money over the past 18 months, about $1.5 billion, because I think this is the time that this great energy resource in this part of the country is gonna make the most money," Jones said. "We're drilling wells at the rate of several hundred million dollars a year. That's increasing our reserve, and increasing our future income, at the same time we are doing it in cash flow. There's no joy in Mudville, unless you've got some cashflow."

 Just how bullish is Jones on the Energy sector?

"I believe every time I drill a well, I think I two and a half times my money. Every time," Jones said.

As you know, TheStreet, a unit of Maven (MVEN) , has teamed up with Sports Illustrated Fantasy for its new channel: Bull Market Fantasy with Jim Cramer -- a channel offering key insights, analysis and tips for winning fantasy sports leagues.

Jones had a lot more to say about the mega Ezekiel Elliott deal, fantasy football and Jim Cramer's first pick for his fantasy football League. 

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