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CyberScout Founder Adam Levin Gives You the 3 M's of Personal Cybersecurity

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Every few months there seems to be a new widespread company data breach that puts tens or hundreds of millions of people's data at risk.

While there is nothing individuals can do about that, CyberScout founder Adam Levin has some advice for taking your data into your own hands.

Levin says the key to CyberSecurity lies in the three M's: Minimize, Monitor and Manage.

People should minimize their risk of exposure by using different passwords, abstaining from sending sensitive information over public wifi.

Next you should monitor your money and credit scores. Check your credit and bank accounts on a daily basis and scrutinize every transaction.

Finally, if you are compromised, manage the damage. Notify the authorities so that the can create an identity theft incident report.

Follow these steps and you won't necessarily be immune to a data breach, but you will be better prepared. 

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