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Buying on Cyber Monday? Here's What Investors Should Know About Retail

TheStreet's Martin Baccardax breaks down the retail sector during the holiday season.
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There's a spotlight on the retail sector as the holiday season comes around.

TheStreet's London Bureau Chief Martin Baccardax breaks down what he thinks is important for investors going into the holiday season.

Baccardax thinks that a key element to keep an eye on this season is the consumer spending: credit versus cash. 

He mentions that consumer's normally pay for food in cash and high-ticket items (think flat screen TVs and video game consoles) with their credit cards. 

Curious about how much the average consumer will be spending on their holiday shopping? TheStreet broke down the amount the average consumer spends in a literal pie chart. And, yes, I mean literal in the best of ways here.

According to, 32% of consumers will be spending under $400 on holiday gifts this season.

25% will be spending anywhere from $401 to $800.