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Get Some Crypto Exposure in Your Portfolio

At TheStreet's Investor Boot Camp, the final panel discussion was dedicated to alternative investing and everything from cannabis to cryptocurrencies was discussed. So watch the clip here to see how to position cryptos in your portfolio.

At TheStreet's Investor Boot Camp, the final panel was dedicated to alternative investing.  So everything from cannabis to cryptos was discussed.

Co-moderated by Kinsey Grant, Staff Writer, TheStreet and  Jane King, LilaMax Media/TheStreet Contributor, their panel consisted of:

  • Debra Borchardt, Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief and CEO, Green Market Report
  • Peter Hug, Global Trading Director, Kitco Metals, Inc
  • Vince Molinari, CEO, Templum Markets, LLC
  • Michael Terpin, Founder and CEO, Transform Group

In the clip above, Grant asks the question every retail investor wants to know: How do you get cryptocurrency exposure in your portfolio?

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"It depends where you are at your stage in life," said Terpin, who's portfolio is about 60% in crypto. "If your 85 years old, you're probably not going to be investing in crypto....but if you're 40 and you're looking at also putting something aside for your kids' college fund," then consider it says Terpin. 

But for more on all of this, watch the clip above.

Excerpts from our Boot Camp event here:

Watch the full interview here: