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Crunch Fitness CEO's Tips for Staying Fit Indoors

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Put down that cookie dough!

And maybe rethink making that bread. 

Crunch Fitness CEO Jim Rowley joined TheStreet's Katherine Ross to talk about his top fitness tips while you're stuck indoors. 

And, surprisingly, it was a lot easier than doing 50 pushups. 

Instead, he said it might be time to rethink that cookie.

Watch the full video above for more.

Video Transcript:

Katherine Ross: What is your top workout tip for people while they're stuck at home?

Jim Rowley: Well my top workout tip is to stop baking cookies and muffins and cakes. That's my number one tip, cause that'll make life a lot easier. But number two is, go to and do our workouts. We've got over a hundred digital workouts, we're updating them weekly. Before the pandemic started we were doing about 2,000 digital workouts a day, we've reached as high as nearly 100,000 a day, members and non-members participating with Crunch Live doing their workouts at home. I think it's important to set a time, commit to a workout, even if it's 15 minutes, if it's 30 minutes if it's an hour. Do something every day. Go for a walk if you can, do an online workout if you can. We've also got Facebook Live via Crunch that we do workouts. If you follow us on Instagram @Crunch, you can get workout tips, nutrition tips, funny videos,

 and so forth. But you gotta do something daily in my opinion. And it's good for the heart, it's good for the muscles, good for the brain. You talk about the mental aspect of things, it's one of the reasons that we're pleading with the states to get these gyms open. It's not just about the physicality, it's the mentality as well. There's a social aspect, there's a community aspect, It's good to be with your gym friends, and just be around other people. And gyms are also a source of motivation. So when you're-- it's hard to get motivated at home. It's easy to grab popcorn and watch Netflix, it's hard to do a full one-hour workout that makes you sweat. But we encourage people to do what they can, and like I said, join us a Crunch Live, and maybe you'll find a workout that'll stick with you.

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