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How Crunch's CEO Puts His Military Background to Work

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We know how business backgrounds can impact how a CEO runs their company, but what about a military background?

Jim Rowley, CEO of Crunch, sat down with TheStreet to discuss his background as a marine and how that's impacted his role as CEO of Crunch. 

His answer? "Carefully," he said.

"Because I've gotta be careful not to be too militaristic in the workplace and so forth,' he responded. "So I've taken a lot of time over the years to really kind of take all the leadership disciplines and the manner in which I do things is still militaristic, but the manner in which I engage people, I tend to tone that down. And also at Crunch, we look to hire veterans and suddenly that's very important to us and we offer a discount to our franchisee network if they're veterans as well."

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