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Crunch CEO on How the Fitness Sector Is Evolving

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Are you a gym rat or a fan of Peloton?

Jim Rowley, CEO of Crunch, sat down with TheStreet to talk about how the sector is changing in light of IPO's from companies like Peloton. 

"The biggest change has really been to formats. The boutique format, which has been kind of this cultivated nuanced type of fitness and so forth. And we've seen massive expansion there and we're starting to see a contraction in that space and also what we call the HVLP. The high-value low price has been an expansion in that area as well, which is creating a new customer base," said Rowley. 

But how is Crunch adapting to trends without giving up what's led the company to be successful for the past 30 years?

"So Crunch stays current really by staying active with the trends on the streets, seeing what's happening," explained Rowley.

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