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Cramer vs. Chaikin: On Avalon Bay and Apartment Rental REITs

Marc Chaikin, of Chaikin Analytics, tells TheStreet's Jim Cramer that he's bearish on apartment rental REITs. He also reveals two things that are going against Avalon Bay's stock. Watch the video to find out exactly what they are.

"The demographic of millennials buying versus renting is a major trend", says Marc Chaikin of Chaikin Analytics. 

Chaikin told Cramer that he's bearish on apartment rental REITs, based on rising rates and changing demographics (i.e. millennials buying home vs. renting).  He also thinks interest that while rising rates may hurt REITs, it's not enough to discourage new mortgage applications and 1st time home buyers!

Chaikin says there are two things going against Avalon Bay (AVB) - Get AvalonBay Communities, Inc. Report .  'Avalon Bay is in the wrong space... You don't need to be a genius to know you should be out."  He gives a rare look at the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating and Chaikin Money Flow.

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This is a unique opportunity to watch a powerful conversation between two seasoned investors: TheStreet's Jim Cramer and Marc Chaikin.  See the exclusive excerpt above.

You can watch Cramer and Chaikin's free Webinar here.

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