view transcript In two weeks, I will be going out the dream force. The biggest tech show in the world, to see what is up to. This thing is such an important thing. I actually asked my wife to, Lisa goes with me. We spend, she goes to a lot of the seminars, I go to the break outs that are really about trying to learn more about tech. I'm also gonna learn how to code. It's about time, right? I can't code. I didn't go to Stanford, but I know how to type.

Jim Cramer: All right. This is the ultimate cloud on border. The best way to make it so that you know what's going on within your organization, so you can get your customer exactly what they want as fast as they want. These days, you need to know how sales force works, if you're going to be working at any part of the new economy. Hey, go talk to your kids. Look at their resumes. The ones who want to be successful in business, they have at the bottom, fluent in sales force. Fluent in sales force. It's a language, it's a code. It's a superman.

Jim Cramer: The recent announcement, by the way, that Keith Block is going to be co-CEO is superb, taking away the key man risk that so many have. Other than the fact that Block is a diehard Patriots fan, he's okay. I really like the guy. Sales force had a blockbuster quarter, and just like all the cloud kings with the stocks that ran up in the quarter, I look at that and I say wow, why not service now. You can't have all the cloud kings. It has to deal with some profit taking that sales force went down now, it's up three ... uh-oh, look at that. Hey, this is a center of hard tech.

In the September Action Alerts PLUS members' call, Jim Cramer talked about (CRM - Get Report) .

"This is the ultimate cloud on-boarder, the best way to make it so you know what's going on within you organization so you can get your customer exactly what they want as fast as they want it," he said.

So listen now as explains why he likes the company so much and why he thinks your kids should be "fluent in Salesforce," if they want to be successful.

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