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Sell Part of a Winning Stock If Trouble Hits Others in Its Sector, Cramer Says

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Jim Cramer says you should always keep your ear to the ground for signs of trouble in a sector that you're invested in, as problems can first show up not in a stock that you own but in one of its competitors.

Or, as Rule No. 3 of Cramer's "5 Rules for Trimming Your Winning Stock Positions" puts it: "Feel free to do some light trimming when you spot a new worry of a sector -- especially if it hits a peer in the industry before it hits a stock you own, because it most certainly will impact your stock in the future."

Cramer unveiled his "5 Rules for Trimming Your Winning Stock Positions" during an exclusive video-conference call Thursday with members of his Action Alerts PLUS club for investors. He said that smart investors always sell some but not all shares of a winning position even if they still like the stock. That way, they lock in some profits in case the company's share price later goes back down.

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Cramer recently followed Rule No. 3 with Amgen (AMGN) , trimming his charitable trust's position in the pharma giant for a small gain after watching Wall Street punish rival Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)  over the issue of so-called "biosimilar" drugs. Those are pharmaceuticals that are chemically close enough to a drug company's patented medicines to provide serious competition.

"Back in January, Johnson & Johnson reported [and got] clocked for three bucks ... because the company reported that it would have increasing competition from biosimilars," Cramer said. "We said to ourselves: 'Who else has potential biosimilar competition? Why, Amgen does -- and it reports the next week.'"

So, Cramer's trust sold a chunk of its Amgen holdings and locked in some gains, a fortuitous move. When it was Amgen's turn to report its quarterly earnings, Wall Street also dogged the company over the biosimilars issue.

The stock has fallen from more than $200 a share in January to less than $170 today. "It has been punished severely, and I am glad that we took so much off in advance," Cramer told Action Alerts PLUS members.

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