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I don't know why more people don't talk up Microsoft. My friend Stephanie linked it, remember she worked with me, she was talking about is yesterday on the Scott Walton show. But given its strong positions in gaming, which is Xbox, Enterprise, Windows 10, LinkedIn. And perhaps most important, Azure, A-Z-U-R-E. I used to think it was azure, but I got that wrong. It's such a good story.

Jim Cramer: And the only issue is how to evaluate it. At 25 times next year's earnings, it is cheaper than any fang, say Facebook, although as I postulated, I don't expect the one sainted F in fang, to make the earnings estimate, hence the sale earlier this week. Microsoft's Azure cloud business is going so well. It's only because Amazon is such a vicious competitor that you don't hear more about it all the time.

In the September Action Alerts PLUS members' call, Jim Cramer pondered why more people don't talk talk up Microsoft (MSFT - Get Report) .

"Given it's strong positions in gaming, (ie. XBOX), enterprise-Windows 10, LinkedIn and, perhaps most important, Azure, it is such a good story," he says.

But it does have a valuation issue so watch now to hear what he thinks of it.

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