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Jim Cramer: Are there excesses? Yes. But remember what makes us intermediate term [inaudible 00:05:39]. Something that I regard as the best rightful use for this particular portfolio. We have low inflation. We just got a really good CPI number. We got a great number of PPI yesterday. We have high growth. We have strong employment. Amazing, 200,000 jobless claims, lowest in years. A robust financial system, amazing ISM. All the federation and small business numbers. I mean, these are all incredible.

Jim Cramer: And that's an environment for higher, not lower, stock prices, but it just doesn't get the commentary it should. When you get an environment like this, and we have had a few since I bought my first stock 40 years ago, every day you gotta be looking for reasons to buy, not to endlessly cry wolf, as so many do around us. And yes, we have to make some sales, but we are ready to buy some stuff. To buy some stuff.

Jim Cramer: So stay close, we have some new ideas, not as many as I would like. But we need to be ready for a down turn, giving the magnificent run we have had.

In the September Action Alerts PLUS members' call, Jim Cramer talked about why they are intermediate term bullish.

"We have low inflation, high growth, strong employment and a robust financial system. That's an environment for higher not lower stock prices," he said during his call.

So he urges everyone to look for reasons to buy and to stop crying "wolf as so many do around us."

Watch now to hear why!

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