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There are periods where department stores do nothing. We're in one of those. This is the doldrums of that business. You just don't get a lot of activity. You don't get anything that's gonna make you wanna buy the stocks. That's kind of where they are, yeah, you gotta wait to hear back to school. I'll get a review from back to school hopefully from PVH, Manny Chirico, so I just think it's in the doldrums.
If you didn't already, I would probably buy some. I think Kohl's is inexpensive. I think Kohl's has got that deal. Don't forget the deal. And I went to a Kohl's store recently in New Jersey, and Kohl yields 3.4, right, that's not bad. And what Kohl's is doing, just so you understand what they've got going with Amazon, I don't know about you, but I return a lot of stuff. My wife returns it. She'll get mad at me. She doesn't watch this, but anyway, she would get mad if I said Jim ... I return a lot. She goes, and she wraps them up. We got this ... It's kind of not so great store that we wrap them up, we bring them, and it's a huge drag, frankly.
Well, how about being able to just bring the Amazon, the product, to Kohl's? Just take it to the back of the store, and say, "Here, it's all yours. Send it back to Amazon. Here's the receipt." That's what Kohl's is doing. It's just a test. I understand the test to be going very well. Amazon doesn't want to talk about it that much, because Amazon is sensitive right now to how much return there is, but I can tell you that if you have to walk through a Kohl's, which has some nice stuff. The housewares is real nice, the Nike, and just check out the Nike display. I buy a lot of stuff at Kohl's. I get a lot of the staples. I don't mean too granular, but like the socks, the underwear. I buy it all at Kohl's. And you have to walk through the store to get to the Amazon area. Wow, what a great partnership.

In the July Action Alerts PLUS members' call, a member asks if the department store trade has come to an end?"

Cramer thought it was a "fantastic question" and said that "there are periods where department stores do nothing. We're in one of those. This is the doldrums of that business."

But that doesn't mean he's quitting on the trade.  As a matter of fact, he suggested that members buy Kohl's (KSS) , if they haven't already.

He also went on to explain the company's deal with Amazon (AMZN) , which basically allows you to return your Amazon stuff at your nearest Kohl's store.

He called it a "great partnership."  So watch the video above now to learn more.

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