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Jim Cramer: Don't Make This Mistake During Earnings Season

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Jim Cramer tackled his five rules for earnings season on his monthly Action Alerts Plus members-only call. 

"Expectations matter more than sales or profits, and never forget it," said Cramer.

He continued:

I was shocked but so much of what you said to the pilots was based on gut and judgment. As the planes would approach, the controller would say over and over "you're coming in hot, you're coming in hot, you're coming in hot," always trying to get the pilot to slow it down.

But then sometimes he would say "you are coming in too hot" and that meant the plane would have to abort the landing and start all over again.

Ladies and gentlemen. There's nothing worse than a stock that comes into earnings season too hot. And there's no do-over when it does.

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Jim Cramer's Five Rules for Investors During Earnings Season

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