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Jim Cramer: Do the Work to Own the Stock

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Jim Cramer has some rules for earnings season that every investor needs to know. 

Cramer broke them down the rules on his exclusive Action Alerts Plus members-only call.

One of the rules? You have to do the work in order to own the stock. 

Here's what Cramer said:

If you are going to be involved in owning stocks you do have to do a monster amount of work going into earnings season to be sure that a company is doing as well as you thought. If you were in my office during this period, I am frequently screaming "give me a breakdown of what everyone's looking for, top and bottom line and gross margins." I am in essence trying to see if the company lived up to expectations on sales, earnings, and how much it is making from each sale, to see if it is expanding. I like gross margin data because I hate competition -it destroys profitability and if you can see how gross margins are going you can find out what the future looks like.

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