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Ask Cramer: Cannabis ETF vs. Individual Stock: Which to Buy?

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So, if an investor is looking to get into cannabis, what's their best bet -- an ETF or an individual stock?

Jim Cramer tackled the question during his April Action Alerts Plus members-only call. He said that he would not recommend a cannabis ETF over stock picking.

"No, but I have to tell you we did a lot of work in preparation for this Canopy Growth (CGC) is the best. Why? Because it has 4 billion in American and 5 billion Canadian that was given by the people at Constellation (STZ) , I'm close to Constellation because of Bar San Miguel but also because of the stock and they have been anointed by Constellation and the only other one that has a lot of money, is Cronos (CRON) . I really don't like Tilray (TLRY) . What I'm afraid of is that if you get an ETF you can have a lot of bad ones because this is only going to be a couple of winners in this thing cause it's not as great as people think." said Cramer.

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