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Business of Big 12: Jim Cramer Goes Inside Decision to Play

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What was behind the decision to play Big 12 sports and what does it mean going forward?

Jim Cramer was joined by Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby and former UCLA and Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks coach Jim Mora to discuss the headwinds college sports face now and going forward.

While the Big 10 and Pac-12 have decided to postpone their seasons, the Big 12 currently plans to play. Bowlsby told Cramer that while the decision has been “portrayed as somewhat controversial,” he said the move is based on expert medical advice and science.

Describing the process of making the call, Bowlsby told Cramer that the plan to play will constantly be reevaluated:

“It wasn't my decision. I advised our board and they ultimately made the decision and they made it based upon the best advice that we could get from medical professionals and scientists. And so as long as we stick to what's best for young people. And as long as we stick to the best scientific and medical advice that we can ascertain I think we're in a good spot. And that's what we did all along we have been told to move slowly to make small adjustments to constantly re-evaluate to see what happens when we go back to campus and then see what happens when we begin pre-season camp and then see what happens when we move into the dorms and when the students come back.”

Amid the debate to play or not to play, the heart has been a subject of mass conversation. Myocarditis, a sometimes fatal inflammation of the heart muscle, and cardiovascular concerns were prevalent in the decision for the Big 10 and Pac-12 to postpone their respective seasons.

As reported by Sports Illustrated, of the data driving the Big 10 decision, was a JAMA-released German study that found contracting Covid-19 can lead to cardiovascular problems down the road.

Dr. Venkatesh Murthy told TheStreet that such conclusions shouldn’t be drawn from one paper.


TheStreet has contacted Dr. Elike Nagel, the corresponding author of the JAMA study for comment.

Editors Note: The interview with Bowlsby and Mora was part of a larger Business of the Coronavirus series in which TheStreet spoke to doctors, business leaders and influencers driving decisions amid the coronavirus pandemic. Is what is happening in college sports a preview of what's to come as employees return to work? Keep up with the latest on TheStreet. 

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