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Jim Cramer: How about Amazon? If you were to ask me right now, which is the number one position I would want you to own if you just joined action works and just joined the club, if I were to sit down with you one on one and have a candid discussion about what I feel most comfortable about you owning? It's the most expensive stock. And the portfolio one, the earning space, it's to Amazon. I urge you to understand why that is, and why we still like it. Amazon's the best retail in the world, it's the number one Cloud computing company in the world. It might not be the number one advertising company in the world, given that it offers you a chance to show your wares just when people want them.

Jim Cramer: And for all I know, after watching Jack Ryan, what a series on Amazon Video, a total must watch, my wife and I binged all weekend on. This could be the number one entertainment company in the world. They have that kind of capital. I can't leave out that it might end up being the biggest pill dispenser in the world. Although, I am cognizant that stock of CVS seems to have certainly bottomed, and the worry about the death story at Amazon seems to have gone away for them.

Jim Cramer: Amazon's got a lot of world class properties under one roof. Now, we've sold some stock recently for the highest quality problems, we've gotten up to six percent, making our large position, we don't like to have a position that's that high. That much of the fund. Well, here it is again. But this time, we're gonna let it run. It think it's gonna trade dramatically higher over the next years.

In the September Action Alerts PLUS members' call, Jim Cramer talked about why they still love Amazon (AMZN - Get Report) , even though it's their most expensive position.

"Amazon's got a lot of world-class properties under one roof," he said

"We sold some stock recently for the highest quality of problems: it had gotten up to 6% making it our largest position. Well, here it is again. But this time we are letting the rest run. I think it will trade dramatically higher over the years."

So watch now to learn more -- plus listen in to hear what series he and his wife just binged on!


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