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A COVID World: NYC Restaurant Owners on the Need for More Stimulus

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With a second wave of COVID-19 impacting small businesses across the nation, New York City restaurant owners and employees are speaking out. 

TheStreet spoke to restauranteur advocate and Co-Founder of MISEbox Braden Williams in addition to restaurant owners and managers, Moshe Schulman, Managing Partner of both Ruffian and Kindred, Hallie Meyer, Owner of Caffe Panna, and Dave Perlman, Owner of Essex to get their take on how useful stimulus programs have been and what is needed for the future survival of their businesses.

They say with constant changes of city mandates and a customer base that has dwindled to all time lows, the wait for more government stimulus has become a life or death equation for many of these small businesses.

One piece of legislation that is currently sitting in the holiday adjourned House of Representatives is the H.R.7197 Restaurants Act of 2020. This act, if passed would provide $128 billion in grants and loans specifically aimed at small, independent restaurant owners.

Watch the video above for more details.

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