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Breaking Down The COVID Discount and Its Impact on the Commercial Real Estate Market

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"I divide the world up into two categories. I call them trophies and train wrecks. And in the trophy category, I think about industrial multifamily, we think about data centers and a little bit of self-storage, which has been pretty defensive. And so, I really don't see any discount on the trophies. I think prices are actually up probably 10% or so in those asset classes," said Fernando De Leon, Crexi’s first investor, Founder of Leon Capital during a free webinar presented by Crexi in partnership with TheStreet.

"On the train wreck side, I think hospitality is top. You really have to predict where business travel is going to shake out over the next few years. And I think there's going to be a lot less people traveling for certain kinds of business meetings, and that'll happen through new technology," he continued.

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