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COVID Challenges: What's Next for Employees & Employers?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made the past year a challenge for everyone from an emotional and mental health perspective.

Kate Healy, Chair of the Foundation for Financial Planning joins Retirement Daily's Robert Powell in a discussion outlining the resources available for working people to address the emotional health and safety concerns related to their work environment and their lives.

Healy explains the different employee assistance programs, as well as other community-based programs, that can be vital support systems for adapting to the difficulties experienced especially by essential workers.

She notes, "We're all suffering. Whether it isolation or the additional stress, financial stress, fear of getting sick, or relatives getting sick. It's been very trying."

The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially difficult for front-line and essential workers and there are tools available from most employers.

The Foundation for Financial Planning has been doing pro bono and advisory work for over 25 years and has compiled a list of resources for the improvement of personal and financial well-being.

COVID-19 Resources:

Explore the following websites to get regular pandemic updates, prevention tips, and small business assistance:, NYS Department of Health, Nonprofit Risk Management Center, New York Council of Nonprofits, and Bridgespan.

Stay informed of the latest numbers on the COVID-19 pandemic and watch some of our inspirational stories with small business owners as they share their secrets to managing through these troubling times.

Here are a few: NYC Coffee Shop Reveals Secrets to Keeping Business Open During Tough Times, What Qualifies As a Small Business Under PPP? and PPP Access: Are Minority Small Business Owners Facing Discrimination? 

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