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Which Countries Have the Most Doctors?

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With the coronavirus pandemic hitting 188 countries across the world, according to Johns Hopkins University, millions of people globally are thanking their healthcare workers for providing care and treatment.

But how many healthcare workers are there, exactly, per capita? The answers to this question may surprise you.

In first place is Russia, with the most doctors and healthcare workers per 1,000 people. In Russia, every 1,000 residents can expect to have over 4 doctors available to them. 

Compare that to the worst country in the list, which came in 30th place—Pakistan. There, fewer than one doctor is available for every 1,000 people.

The U.S. came in the middle, in 12th place. On average, U.S. doctors work 51 hours a week and see 20 patients a day. It has about 2.5 doctors available per every 1,000 people.

The list is compiled by, using data from the CIA World Factbook.

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