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Coronavirus Update: Regeneron Seeks EUA From the FDA

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According to Johns Hopkins, There are over 36.2 million cases of the virus worldwide, with over one million deaths.

The U.S. has surpassed 7.5 million cases with 212,000 deaths.

Per the COVID-19 Tracking Project, there were 50,602 new cases reported Wednesday, which is higher than the 38,661 cases reported the day earlier. 860,669 new tests were reported. And 916 deaths were reported yesterday, which is higher than the 634 deaths reported the day prior.

Regeneron said that it will seek emergency use authorization from the Food & Drug Administration for its monoclonal antibody treatment for the coronavirus.

This is the same treatment that President Donald Trump has been treated with after he announced on Twitter that he had tested positive for the coronavirus early Friday morning of last week.

The company said its treatment, a combination of two monoclonal antibodies, is designed to prevent the infectivity of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The group has around 50,000 doses available for public use and said it would have doses available for "300,000 patients in total within the next few months" if the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is approved.

Regeneron’s treatment is undergoing a jointly run trial with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, of 2,000 people, as well as a separate study of 2,900 coronavirus patients who are in hospitals and ambulatory settings.

This comes after Eli Lilly filed an EUA application with the FDA with trial data that showed that the experimental antibody Y-CoV5555 met both primary and secondary endpoints.

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