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Friday Coronavirus Update: FDA Cautions Accuracy of Abbott's Rapid COVID-19 Test

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Good morning, it’s Friday, May 15.

Here's is your daily coronavirus update.

There are 4.4 million cases of the virus worldwide, with over 302,000 deaths.

The U.S. has 1.4 million of those cases and 85,000 deaths.

Russia has over 252,000 cases and the United Kingdom has over 234,000 cases and 33,000 deaths, per data from Johns Hopkins.

The Food and Drug Administration has said that it’s investigating preliminary data that Abbott’s rapid test could actually miss COVID-19 cases.

The analysis has reportedly found that Abbott’s ID Now missed at least a third of positive cases detected with a rival test and much as 48% when using the currently recommended dry nasal swabs.

The FDA warning late Thursday came a day after researchers at New York University reported the preliminary test results.

According to the Associated Press, the research hasn't been peer-reviewed or published in a medical journal and was based on about 100 patients.

Abbott rejected the findings, saying the researchers used the test “in ways that it was not designed to be used.”

In a statement on its website, the FDA said that it’s working with Abbott to analyze the data and "has worked with the company on a customer notification letter to alert users that any negative test results that are not consistent with a patient’s clinical signs and symptoms or necessary for patient management should be confirmed with another test."

This is the test that is used daily at the White House to test President Trump and other members of his staff, including the coronavirus task force.

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