Coronavirus Update: Brazilian Volunteer in AstraZeneca Trial Reportedly Dies

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According to Johns Hopkins, There are over 40.9 million cases of the virus worldwide, with over 1.1 million deaths.

The U.S. has surpassed 8.2 million cases with 221,000 deaths.

Per the COVID-19 Tracking Project, there were 60,664 new cases reported Tuesday, which is higher than the 57,148 cases reported the day earlier. 909,386 new tests were reported. And 832 deaths were reported yesterday, which is higher than the 456 deaths reported the day prior.

A Brazilian volunteer in a clinical trial of AstraZeneca-Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate has died, according to Brazilian health authority Anvisa said on Wednesday, per a report in Reuters.

AstraZeneca’s vaccine trial is still on pause in the United States after a volunteer developed unexplained neurological symptoms in the UK trial. The UK trial has since resumed.

There are multiple reports that the FDA and the drug safety board overseeing the trial in the U.S. could clear AstraZeneca soon.

In an email to TheStreet, a spokesperson for AstraZeneca said, “We cannot comment on individual cases in an ongoing trial of the Oxford vaccine as we adhere strictly to medical confidentiality and clinical trial regulations, but we can confirm that all required review processes have been followed. All significant medical events are carefully assessed by trial investigators, an independent safety monitoring committee and the regulatory authorities. These assessments have not led to any concerns about continuation of the ongoing study.”

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