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Coronavirus Update: Beijing Says COVID-19 Outbreak 'Under Control'

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Good morning, it’s Thursday, June 18. Here’s your daily coronavirus update.

There are over 8.3 million cases worldwide, with over 449,000 deaths.

The U.S. has over 2.1 million cases with over 117,000 deaths.

Brazil is nearing one million cases--it’s at 955,000 cases currently--with over 46,000 deaths.

States such as Texas, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina all have case counts on the rise.

Texas reported 2,622 new cases, and 1,476 prison inmates in Texas have also tested positive for the virus.

Florida reported 2,610 new cases

California set a new record of coronavirus cases, reporting 4,233 per the San Francisco Chronicle. This is the first time that California has surpassed 4,000 cases in a single day.

Beijing's recent spike in new coronavirus infections, the highest since February, has prompted the closure of local schools and the suspension of several flights in and out of China, while a meat processing facility in northern Germany was reported to have found nearly 400 cases of COVID-19 among its workforce over the past few weeks.

However, the chief epidemiologist at China's Center for Diseases Prevention and Control told reporters on Thursday that the Beijing outbreak was 'under control,’ a statement that boosted European stocks and gave U.S. futures a slight boost, but that boost has now faded as we’re indicated to open lower.

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