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Ohio Sweet on Sports Betting: Top Sports and Business Stories — May 28

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From an MLB battle over payments to Ohio trying to legalize sports gambling, here are the top stories shaping sports and business on Thursday, May 28.

The Battle Between MLB Owners and Players Continues

The battle between Major League Baseball players and owners continues as the two sides cannot agree on salaries for the shortened 2020 season.

The most recent plea on behalf of the players comes from super agent Scott Boras who told his clients not to negotiate with the owner on further salary cuts. MLB owners and the Players Association originally agreed to a prorated rate on March 26. Boras is advising his clients to ensure that owners stick to that agreement, which cut minimum salaries down from $563,000 to $262,000 and the league’s highest-paid players from $36 million down to $8 million.

In an email obtained by the Associated Press, Boras told his clients: “Let owners take some of their record revenues and profits from the past several years and pay you the prorated salaries you agreed to accept or let them borrow against the asset values they created from the use of those profits players generated."

According to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, MLB owners would lose about $4 billion if games were played without fans and they paid the players the agreed-upon prorated amount.

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A Coronavirus Update

There are 5.7 million cases of the virus worldwide with over 356,000 deaths. In the U.S. there are 1.7 million cases. The U.S., per data from Johns Hopkins, has now surpassed 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus.

In Brazil, there are now over 411,000 cases with over 25,000 reported deaths, per Johns Hopkins.

The Labor Department said 2.123 million Americans filed jobless claims for the week ended May 23, down slightly from 2.438 million claims for the week earlier, as parts of the U.S. economy slowly began to reopen after more than two months of being shuttered amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Continuing claims, a number that tallies not just people filing for unemployment benefits but staying on them, were 21.052 million for the week ended May 16, down from a record 25.073 million.

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Ohio Looks to Legalize Sports Gambling

State legislators in Ohio passed a bill that would legalize sports gambling. They’re now waiting for Ohio’s House to pass the bill, which is expected to happen.

H-194 was introduced to Ohio’s legislature in October 2019. 

Representative Dave Greenspan told Legal Sports Report the goal is to have the bill on the governor’s desk by the end of 2020. Legalized sports gambling could be coming to the Golden State as one California representative introduced the idea to help combat a budget deficit of more than $50 billion dollars. California Governor Gavin

Newsom proposed a budget cut of $14 billion but Assemblyman Adam Gray says tax revenue from sports gambling could help generate $2 billion which would be a record high for states that legalized gambling. There are 18 professional sports teams in California. Florida has the second-most in the United States with 13.

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