Coronavirus Fears Impact Markets: Here's What to Know

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Fears of the coronavirus are once again hitting the markets.

There are over 80,000 cases of the virus and over 2,700 deaths. Outside of China, there are nearly 2,000 cases.

Let’s take a step back and give you an update on the coronavirus.

The World Health Organization has noted that the coronavirus has pandemic potential. They have declared it a public health emergency of international concern.

A Spanish hotel has been placed on lockdown after a guest--who’s Italian--tested positive for the virus.

And then the virus has spread to Iraq, where a family of four coming back to Iraq from a visit to Iran tested positive for the virus.

Iran’s state media has reported 16 deaths from the virus and has at least 95 confirmed cases.

However, it has said that there are around 900 suspected cases.

Looking at South Korea, there are over 1,000 cases and 10 confirmed deaths.

There are 53 cases of the virus in the U.S. and President Donald Trump has asked for over $2.5 billion to combat the coronavirus.

And, finally, International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound has said that the Tokyo Olympic organizers have until late May to see if the virus is under control. If that’s not the case, he said--and I quote--you’re probably looking at a cancellation.

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