Dr. Fauci Talks Athletics: Top Stories, Sports and Business News — June 11

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From golf back on to Dr. Fauci's take on sports, here are the top stories shaping sports and business news on Thursday, June 11.

Charles Schwab Challenge

For the first time in three months, pro golfers are back on the course for a PGA event. The Charles Schwab Challenge, which started today, is the first PGA event since the Tour was put on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fifteen out of 20 of the world’s top-ranked golfers are competing in the event with 148 golfers in total. The tournament is taking place at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas. There’s a purse of $7.5 million with the winner earning $1.3 million. Justin Rose is the current leader after Day 1.

Fans were not permitted to attend the event and all golfers and caddies were tested on Tuesday for the coronavirus. The PGA says none of the results came back positive.

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Coronavirus Daily Update

There are 7.4 million cases of the virus worldwide, with over 412,000 deaths. The U.S. has over 2 million cases of the coronavirus, with over 113,000 deaths.

On Thursday, TheStreet’s Katherine Ross talked to Dr. Fauci on a variety of topics, from his thoughts on Texas' spiking coronavirus cases to whether or not a vaccine will be out by the end of this year. Fauci told Ross that there’s no guarantee of a vaccine by the end of 2020.

When Ross asked about the increase in Texas and in other states, Fauci said, “The critical issue is how you respond to them. If you can't respond to them adequately, and little upticks then become major outbreaks, then you have a real problem. So those are the kinds of things. First of all, you got to be careful and prudent in how you open up. And when you do, you've got to be able to respond to what will be the inevitable upticks that we will see.”

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Dr. Fauci on the Return of Sports

Pro sports commissioners are putting rules in place based on guidance from Dr. Fauci. What did Dr. Fauci say about sports in his interview with TheStreet?

"The issue is that the United States is a very large country. And it's a heterogeneous country. It is not uni-dimensional. So it's difficult to make statements about the United States as a whole," said Fauci.

"So you can't look at the United States just in a unit-dimensional way. It's very different if you're in an area like New York City, where you have a lot of people and you'd been hit very badly," he added.

"So therefore, when you talk about sports, you got to be talking about what's the level of infection. And people are going to be doing things that are going to be creative. They're not my models. I believe the executives of the various sports are in good faith, trying to figure out a way how they can get the sports back up without endangering the health and the welfare of the American public. And that could be anything from not having a season. Which nobody wants. Everybody would like to see some sports," he said.

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