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Coronavirus Briefing: A Look at Cases Worldwide, U.S. Business Impact

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Here's your coronavirus briefing ahead of the closing bell.

As of Friday afternoon--according to Johns Hopkins--there are over 255,000 cases of the virus, with over 10,400 deaths.

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Good afternoon!

Let’s dive right into the latest news around the coronavirus,

We’ll start with the latest cases. As of Friday afternoon--according to Johns Hopkins--there are over 255,000 cases of the virus, with over 10,400 deaths.

China, Italy, Spain, Iran and Germany have the most cases worldwide. The U.S. comes in sixth, with nearly 15,000 cases.

Looking at the international side of things, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he had instructed cafes, bars, pubs, bars and restaurants to close on Friday, “as soon as reasonably possible.”

He has ordered them not to open tomorrow. Similarly to the shutdowns that we’re seeing across the U.S., the closures also impact nightclubs, gyms and cinemas.

The U.K. has over 3,200 cases of the virus.

Now, switching to the U.S., Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada would close over the weekend.

And New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, told New Yorkers to stay indoors and ordered nonessential businesses to keep their workers home. The state has over 7,100 confirmed cases, which accounts for around half of the U.S.’s total case count.

And Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Friday that the deadline for Americans to file their tax returns has been pushed back to July 15.

President Trump has waived all loan payments without penalty for 60 days. This deadline could be moved, he added.

He also noted that standardized testing for grades K-12 will be cancelled.

And, on the business side of things, Peloton announced that it was temporarily halting sales and deliveries of its treadmill due to the coronavirus. All deliveries after March 18 will be cancelled.

Target is increasing employees wages by $2 an hour and giving out bonuses of up to $1,500 due to the surge in shoppers because of the pandemic.

And in case you missed it, but want some more good news: Amazon, as well as pizza delivery companies--such as Domino’s--are looking to hire. The pizzamaker is looking to hire around 10,000 workers. Amazon is looking to hire around 100,000 workers.

And, another positive note to end on. There are over 87,000 recovered cases of the virus, with around 120 of those in the U.S.

I’m Katherine Ross, and I urge all of you to stay safe.

We will, as always, update you on the latest over on

See y’all next week.

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