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Coronavirus Update: AstraZeneca Puts COVID-19 Vaccine Trial on Hold

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Good morning, it’s Wednesday, Sept. 9. Here’s your daily coronavirus update.

According to Johns Hopkins, there are over 27.6 million cases of the virus worldwide, with over 898,000 deaths. The U.S. has surpassed 6.3 million cases with over 189,000 deaths.

Per the COVID-19 Tracking Project, there were 22,219 new cases reported Tuesday, which is lower than the 28,681 cases reported the day earlier. 508,706 new tests were reported. And 358 deaths were reported yesterday, which is higher than the 225 deaths reported on Tuesday.

AstraZeneca put its COVID-19 vaccine trial on hold due to a possible adverse reaction in a participant in the U.K.

The Phase 3 study, which is being performed by AstraZeneca in partnership with the University of Oxford.

The company, in a statement, said that it had voluntarily put the study on hold.

AstraZeneca described the halt as a “routine action which has to happen whenever there is a potentially unexplained illness in one of the trials, while it is investigated, ensuring we maintain the integrity of the trials.” AstraZeneca noted that the pause will allow an independent committee to review safety data.

A person familiar with the situation told The New York Times that the participant had been enrolled in a Phase 2/3 trial based in the United Kingdom.

AstraZeneca is one of the nine vaccine candidates in the Phase 3 trials.

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