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How the Competition Between Lyft and Uber Will Impact Lyft's Roadshow

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Matthew Cheslock, an equity trader at Virtu Financial, talked to TheStreet about Lyft's roadshow and what the ride-hailing service's aim to raise $2 billion means for the company.

"If they can get $2 billion in the IPO, that'll be a tremendous start for them," Cheslock said. However, he added, the competition between Uber and Lyft will be in focus. "So, how much money is going to be focused on just Lyft? That's the question you'll see on the roadshow," he added. 

But, what about some of the other headlines hitting the financial markets Monday morning?

The Federal Reserve is meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday. With a February jobs number that came in well below expectations--20,000 jobs added--investors may be wondering just how dovish the Fed will be during its meeting. 

"I don't know how much more dovish they can be, but I would anticipate them preaching patience. Again, that seems to be working in the market, [it] really likes that kind of message. So, if that continues, I would expect that to be a tailwind for the market," said Cheslock. 

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Finally, let's talk about FAANG and Big Tech.

Facebook (FB) - Get Meta Platforms Inc. Report and Twitter (TWTR) - Get Twitter Inc. Report were just two of the Big Tech companies that came under fire after video from the New Zealand shooting spread on social media and throughout the internet. 

Big Tech quickly came under fire as the Silicon Valley-based companies raced to remove the video, which continued to be uploaded and shared. 

While this raises a lot of ethical issues for Big Tech, what kind of issues does it raise for investors?

"Well, you know, anytime the government wants to get involved and if they start talking about censoring what they can produce on air, or what content can be shown, that's never good for these kinds of names. So you're going to watch that. Facebook is going through a lot of different things with some executives living as well. So they're in the spotlight right now, and certainly you pray for the people down in New Zealand and hopefully, you know, these companies can come up with some content issues that mitigate some of these showings of these videos," Cheslock said. 

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