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Winners and Losers in the Commercial Real Estate Market

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From the start of the pandemic, with all eyes on Asia and then Europe and all human activity coming to a literal standstill, expectations were that retail, office, travel, and leisure and entertainment would be the worst-hit sectors in real estate. 

While some of those expectations ultimately rang true, the pandemic’s impact on other areas turned out to be much more surprising. Industrial real estate proved an enormous winner. 

With the pandemic massively disrupting supply chains already heavily affected by ongoing trade tension between the U.S. and China, manufacturers began looking for industrial plants, buildings, and property with which to make goods closer to home - in turn dramatically boosting demand and corresponding values. 

Even as trade and manufacturing activity slowly resumed throughout the world, American companies particularly caught out moved quickly to shift their production state-side and reduce their reliance on global, just-in-time deliveries that have generally been the mainstay of world trade for the better part of a decade. 

In a free webinar, sponsored by Crexi in partnership with TheStreetCorey Goldman, Founder and Chief Executive of Goldman Communications, Inc. and Matt Werner, Managing Director at Chilton Capital Management weigh in on the winners and losers in the commercial real estate market.

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