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Commercial Real Estate Market Opportunities in 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic brought unexpected shifts in U.S. economic activity including a sudden downturn and major decline in nominal GDP. While some parts of the economy recovered from the initial pandemic shock of Q1 2020, other sectors are struggling to get back on track. 

The commercial real estate industry is seeing notable variation across property types and geographic locations, while overall performance is mixed across sectors as vacancy and occupancy rates fluctuate.

The CRE outlook for 2021 is uncertain due to continued pandemic risks, but the rollout of vaccines and the promise of additional fiscal stimulus are bright spots on the horizon. With easing political uncertainty and efforts underway to boost the U.S. economy, the recovery will affect demand across the real estate industry.

In a free webinar, sponsored by Crexi in partnership with TheStreetEli Randel, Chief Strategy Officer at Crexi, and Fernando De Leon, Crexi’s first investor, Founder of Leon Capital weigh in on the opportunities in CRE market and REITs in 2021.

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